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I live for things that seem unattainable. I love Japan and South Korea.
Things that others don't understand. Fiction stories about wizards and
vampires. Darker sides of things that only Tim Burton seems to comprehend.
Halloween always has and always will hold a special place in my ♥.
The other side of the world is where I hope to some day call home. Ask me
questions and I shall answer. I love Jpop, Kpop, Jrock, etc. :) I enjoy
talking so never hesitate to message me. However, if you're homophobic -
we won't get along. I'm a straight girl who loves her boy love.

I do not tolerate ignorance, racism, homophobia, or trolling. I don't have
the time nor patience for obnoxiousness. Apart from that - I’m very easy
to get along with and am always willing to talk. Never hesitate to say
hello but keep in mind - I may not respond right away so please don't be
offended. I will get back to you. ♥

xXx[[WARNING]] This journal contains posts with 18+ adult material.
All entries with adult content will be behind a cut. Thank you.

I help run graphics community Yume No Shonen, JGV KO Company's
Eiji tumblr FYEiji, and FuckYeahJGV with asheex.
I also MOD over at BLHQ!

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